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garage doors in winterWell hello winter! Welcome back!

When freezing cold temperatures blanket us overnight, you may wake up to a frozen garage door. A garage door can freeze when water that accumulates under the seal at the bottom of your garage door freezes. Not necessarily the surprise you were looking for when trying to get out of the garage.

Even uninsulated garages are typically warmer than the outside frigid temperatures, so hopefully you won’t have too much trouble i.e. too much ice to remove to open your frozen garage door. Here are some tips on how to unstick your frozen garage door so you can get out of your garage and on to work on time this morning.


Frozen Garage Door Fixes

1. Adjust the pressure adjustments on your garage door opener.
Sometimes, all it needs is a little extra pressure to break away from the ice. Many garage door openers have a button that lets you do this yourself. If this doesn’t work, however, you’re going to need to get rid of the ice itself.

2. Place a portable heater inside your garage by the door.
This will slowly melt the ice away.

3. Chip the ice away beneath the door with an ice scraper.
This may not seem ideal, but if you are in a hurry this may work faster than getting a heater and waiting for the ice to melt.

4.Pour hot water on the area where the garage door is stuck to the ground.
Try to open the door soon after you pour the water. This method is risky, because the hot water will eventually turn cold and freeze, possibly making the door even more stuck.


Automatic garage door opener didn’t work? Don’t try again, and again. Attempting to use the automatic opener when the door is frozen can burn out the motor or strip the gears of the machine.

Don’t try kick the door or use too much of your own physical pressure to try to open it, you could hurt yourself and damage the door.

If you are not able to open the garage door and suspect something is broken, give us a call, we are on our way to help you!

Denver – 303.565.6409 | Northern CO – 970.222.0091 | CO Springs – 719.661.0334

Tips for Tomorrow

If you can leave your garage door open just enough so that sunlight can melt the ice and evaporate what water is under the garage door before closing it again.

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