bad roller
drag damage vinyl roller. not noisy garage door rollers but still binding

Noisy Garage door Rollers are not the only reason to change out Rollers. Age and Life expectancy are good indicators to change out rollers too. Why wait until something breaks before you change it out. At One Clear Choice we believe in preventative maintenance. After all the door is the largest moving thing on your home. Don’t risk a problem like your door failing. Fix it before it breaks.







     Noisy Garage Door Rollers = Bad rollers put your door at risk of binding and coming off track. We go to “door off track” jobs every day! Our technicians will show you damage if they see it and recommend changing bad parts and parts that are past their age and life expectancy.  It is our opinion based on our experience that vinyl rollers like the one shown above start to drag and should be changed out after 2 years, utility steel rollers will show visible damage around that time as well.    

utility roller
drag damage on a steel roller less than 5 years old.=Noisy Garage Door Rollers




Noisy bad garage door roller
Noisy Garage Door Rollers = Steel roller “10,000” cycles less than 5 years old with drag damage

Stronger steel rollers if maintained, as some homeowners do, will last 10-15 years, however most people do not maintain the garage door rollers and drag damage becomes apparent and CAN show up in LESS than two years. If there is visible damage on your rollers or if they are clicking, popping, wobbling, grinding, scraping or dragging you should change them out regardless of age.




Bad rollers put garage doors at risk
cables off rollers out. This is caused Primarily From bad rollers dragging and binding in the track especially when springs are failing too.



Best Garage Door Roller
13 bearing Nylon Garage Door Roller.

We recommend and sell a 13 bearing Nylon Roller and give a Lifetime warranty on them. I have been doing this 20 years and i have never replaced a set of these rollers. If you do choose to wait its not a guarantee that the door will fail, and there is no real guarantee that just because your rollers are good that your door won’t fail: just less risk. You should service your door professionally manufacturers say every year. That’s a lot not sure I agree with that but you should test it once a year and if it is heavy dragging or noisy Contact Us