Preventive Maintenance for Your Garage Door

A garage door is an essential element for any home. Not only does it enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it provides access as well. Usually, a garage door is a significant investment for any homeowner. You want it to last for years, performing at its maximum ability. That is why regular maintenance is very important. Here is a simple guide to give your garage door the care it deserves:

Check the Cables and Springs

Broken springs are usually the main source of many severe problems. From noisy gates to quick falling doors. If you notice a broken spring, call a professional garage door repair service to replace any damaged springs.

Check the condition of the cable so you know when to hire a pro. Broken strands and damage near the bottom roller bracket are signs that your cables need to be replaced.

Clear the Tracks

Tracks must be debris-free and without any bend or inclination. If possible, use a level to check the plumb. Any major adjustments to tracks are best left to a professional garage door repair service.

Lubricating the Moving Partslubricate garage door parts

It takes just about 10 minutes to avoid dry bearings, hinges, or rollers. Keeping the moving parts lubricated will add years of flawless operation to your system.

Test the Sensors

The sensors stop the door and send it back up before it reaches the floor if something is in its way. If something is blocking the beam, then you will see a flash on the overhead light of the garage door opener, indicating an object is obstructing your sensors.

Test the Garage Door Balance

An unbalanced garage door will make the opener to work harder, and it won’t last as long. Disengage the opener by pulling the emergency release cord. Next, manually move the door about halfway up. If it does not stay put, the garage door springs are not balanced correctly. Spring adjustment should be performed by professionals from One Clear Choice.

If you need to repair your garage door, contact the experts at One Clear Choice. We have been servicing the Metro Denver area and surrounding suburbs & areas all the way to Colorado Springs and Fort Collins since 1998.