LiftMaster Door Monitor & Closer

Now you won’t have to go downstairs or outside to see if you accidentally left the garage door open. With the LiftMaster® Garage Door Monitor, you can check and close the garage door from any room in the house. MyQ™ enabled technology allows you to monitor and close up to four garage doors from any…

LiftMaster Gateway

The MyQ®-enabled LiftMaster Internet Gateway is your simple solution for home control. It utilizes two-way communication technology which allows you to connect to and control your garage door opener, gate operator, or home lights by using an Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere, any time.

LiftMaster 1/3 HP

(Download User Manual) HP Not a Stocked Item Additional Pricing: $209.00: Retail Pick Up $279.00: Delivery $389.00: Installed  

LiftMaster 1/2 HP

1/2 HP Chain Drive Opener 7’ Standard height Additional Pricing Regular Price: $412 (includes tax) Retail Price – Pick Up: $199 (+ tax) Retail Price – Delivery: $269 (+ tax)

LiftMaster 8355W

This opener replaced the 3280. MyQ Technology. Runs with 1/2 HP belts. (Download User Manual) 1/2 HP Belt Drive Opener 7’ Standard height Multi-frequency Lifetime warranty on motor And belt. Upgradeable for openings up to 10’ Retail Pricing  $289.00: Retail – Pick Up $333.72: Retail – Delivery Retail prices do not include tax.