07 July, 2017

Common Ways to Seal Your Garage Door

Keep Dirt, Debris, and Pests from Entering Your Garage

Apart from keeping dirt and debris from entering your garage, sealing the gaps of your door will enhance the energy efficiency of your garage by keeping cold air out. Sealing your garage can even offer certain health benefits by keeping rodents and insects from accessing your home through the garage door.

Seals for Garage Doors

A garage door seal acts as a protective shield by covering the gaps and joints between the garage door body and its structural surrounds. It blocks rainwater, prevents debris blowing under the door, stops condensation, keeps out rodents, and improves insulation, just to mention a few benefits. Here are three amazing products to help you impede the elements from entering your garage.

Garage Door Bottom Seal

This is a long, flexible strip of rubber or vinyl that is appended to the bottom edge of the garage door. When the door is closed, the material compresses, sealing the gap along the floor.

Garage Door Threshold Seal

A threshold seal is attached with adhesive to the floor.

It acts as a blockage against external factors by closing the gap between the door and the floor. However, even though it is an effective barrier against driven rain, excess water, pests, dust, and pollen, the seal will stop water from flowing out of the garage, so it makes sweeping a bit more challenging.

Garage Door Weatherstrip

Weatherstrips are effective barriers against wind and rain that otherwise will easily access your garage around the sides and top of the door. You can combine side and top weatherstripping with a bottom or threshold seal to create a very tight seal.

If you aim to seal all four sides of the garage door, complete garage door weatherstrip kits are available in the market as well.

Need Help Sealing Your Garage Door?

Contact the experts at One Clear Choice. We can come to your house in Colorado to help you with the task. Moreover, you can schedule a garage door inspection to make sure your garage door is operating smoothly.

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