05 September, 2017

5 Ways to Protect Your Garage From Flooding

Flooding can be a devastating event whether it takes place in your home, yard, or garage. It can literally wash away your valuables while damaging memories and sentimental keepsakes. It is understandable why having to battle with a flood would be at the top of the list of homeowner disasters.

With all of the horrible after effects unfolding at the cease of Hurricane Harvey, there are many people reevaluating their homes for flood safety. Even for us landlocked Coloradans, flooding can be a concern especially with climate change producing more intense storms every year. At One Clear Choice garage doors, we are dedicated to our clients and here to help you navigate the best methods for protecting your garage from the devastating effects of flooding.

Below is a list of safety precautions that will help you determine if your garage door is ready to withstand harsh weather.

Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is in place to help protect your garage from the top and sides. When harsh and intense wind is in play during a rainstorm, it may blow hard enough to force rain inside your garage. If you notice any leaks coming from the top or sides of your garage door, this means it is probably time to have the weather stripping replaced. On a positive note, this stripping is easily replaceable and involves little effort.  You can even make it a DIY project at home or you can call a One Clear Choice professional today for a quick maintenance check.  

Inspect Foundation for Cracks

Inspecting the foundation of your home for cracks is essential to protecting your garage and home. Besides the fact that having a crack in the foundation can lead to garage floor flooding, it can also have serious consequences if the water is able to penetrate into the foundation itself. This can lead to rotting and will make your home unstable. A failing house foundation will eventually lead you to replace portions, if not all, of your home’s foundation.

Install Drainage

By installing a sewer drain into your garage floor, you can significantly lower your chances of a flood causing irreparable damage. A sewer line would drain directly into your main sewer line therefore allowing the excess water to flow out before it is able to rise up. Contact your local plumber to find out how they can help you install the preventative measure.

Install Threshold Seal

A threshold seal will seal your garage door securely from the bottom. It is a thick rubber strip attached to your garage floor rather than to the garage door itself. This form of a weather seal is very effective but may also prevent water from flowing out of your garage without a drain and can make it harder to sweep away.  

Call One Clear Choice garage doors today for a free consultation and we will come out to take a look ourselves. We can help you assess your flooding risk and recommend the best plan of action to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe!

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