28 December, 2017

Guide to Garage Door Remotes

The key to getting in to your garage

Garage door remotes allow us entry to the garage without having to get out of the car and manually open the garage door. Very convenient and especially delightful during rain, ice or snow conditions.

There are three main types of remotes that are used in conjunction with garage door openers.

Types of Garage Door Remote Controls

The best way to know which remote control matches with your garage door opener is to check the manufacturer and model information on the opener’s motor.

Garage door remotes fall into two categories: Standard Remotes and Universal Remotes.

We do not recommend universal remotes, as many of them do not work on older models. For old openers, contact the manufacturer.

Keychain Garage Remote

1 keychain

These remotes are exactly as they sound: attached to your keychain with your car keys. Super easy, with minimal chances of losing the remote, that is unless you misplace your keys (temporarily, of course). 

Keychain remotes are a popular option, especially for those that don’t want to leave the remote into their cars.

These remotes are typically rectangular or square shaped.

**Note! There are keychain remotes that can only control openers that use a 10-key code to pair with the remote.

LiftMaster 890MAX Remote is $54.00 (tax included). Contact us to purchase your keychain remote 303.565.6409.

Visor Clip Remote

2 visor

Visor clip remotes have been one of the most popular remote types.  Clip the remote to your car’s sun visor and go.

The range for a visor clip remote is about 100 feet. This means you can push the opening button as you are approaching home so you can gain access directly without having to stop and wait for the door to open.

Our price for the Visor Clip Remotes is $54.00, tax included.

Remote Transmitters

3 remote

Also known as bar-type remotes, they are stand-alone devices, very similar to a TV remote, that do not come with any appended parts to attach to a part of your car or keychain.

These remotes are simple devices that may only have one or two buttons located on the face of the remote.

No remote at all – Open your garage with your phone!

Several newer model garage door openers enable you to use your smart phone to control your garage door! Awesome!

You can open your door with your phone or tablet. And…

You can also close the garage door, check the status of your door – from anywhere, anytime!

You will need a garage door opener with a MyQ technology. We sell and install openers and have LiftMaster Openers with MyQ Technology in stock!

P.S. Check out our current Garage Door Opener Specials!

If you need to replace your garage door opener remote, do not hesitate to contact One Clear Choice. We carry a large selection of garage door openers, remotes and opener accessories, and much more.

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