09 August, 2017

Components For a Quiet Garage Door

Are you waking up the neighbors every time the garage door opens? Do you deal with grinding or squeaking on a daily basis? While some garage doors just seem louder in general, there are concrete ways that you can once again, have a quiet garage door in the residential areas of Castle Rock and Parker.

There are many components of a garage door that may be causing such dreadful sounds. Some issues might be hardware related, while others may be fixable with simple garage door repairs. We are going to explain some of the ways you can take your noisy garage door into your own hands and fix those annoying sounds once and for all.

DIY Hacks

Here are couple garage door hacks that might help you if the door has begun making noise.

→ Lithium Spray– you can find this at your local Home Depot or Lowes, and it works great if your door is just a tad bit squeaky. Simply apply the spray to all moving parts of your garage door and it should be good to go!

→ Silicone Spray– this can also be found at most hardware stores but lithium spray is still preferred.
It is important to NOT use an oil-based spray or any WD-40 type product. The oil is not the same as grease and it will work against you in the long run. Oil-based spray may also cause damage to your tracks and wheels, so it’s better not to risk it!


Step By Step Guide

If greasing your garage door just doesn’t seem to be cutting it, here is a step by step guide to isolate where your problems are coming from so you can decide if it’s time to call a professional garage door technician.

  1. Make sure all the garage door hardware are properly secured to your home. This step is crucial. It is important that all the parts connecting your garage to your home are tight. If there are loose pieces, this can also cause damage to your home as well as your garage doors.
  2. Check all the rolling wheels and hinges to make sure none of the hardware are suffering from rust and that they are able to run smoothly and efficiently. If any of the parts are worn out or rusty, your solution could be as easy as replacing a few garage door parts.
  3. Another spot that commonly causes problems is the garage door opener chain. If the chain is loose, it can cause the door to shake and will be accompanied by a loud slapping sound as the wheels bounce on and off the tracks. It is important to have this problem fixed immediately as it can cause severe and possibly irreversible damage to you garage doors.

One Clear Choice has a team of highly qualified experts that will provide garage door repairs for you! Usually, yearly maintenance will keep your garage door running smoothly and quite, all year round but if you find yourself needing some help anytime in between, don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment. Let us help you get some peace and quiet in Castle Rock and Parker, Colorado!

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