28 December, 2017

My Garage Door Remote is Not Working

Troubleshooting tips for when your garage door remote suddenly stops working and/or the buttons are not responding.

Replace the Batteries

The most common cause for remote not working is dead batteries. So, check the batteries first!

Access the batteries by opening the panel on the back.

If your device has screws, remove them and open the panel.
Take the batteries out.

Check the battery contacts. If they look worn out, dirty, or wet, clean and dry them before putting the batteries back in.

Replace the batteries. Depending on your remote it can use either small, round batteries, AA, or AAA batteries.

Reassemble the remote.

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Reprogram a Garage Remote Key

Sometimes the remote may need to be reprogrammed.

Check the remote’s user manual or visit the manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to reprogram the remote.

Usually, all you need to do is to pair the remote with the opener by holding down the open button on the remote while pressing programming button at the same time. Next, release the open button when the garage door opener light starts flashing.

Garage Door Remote Replacement

If your remote is lost or visibly broken, you may need to buy a new remote.

Look out for the model number of your opener (in the opener) and give us a call 303.565.6409.

Our price for a new remote is $54.00 (tax included).

If you are not able to fix your remote issues or need additional help give us a call 303.565.6409. We can help!

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