20 April, 2015

Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

Is Your Garage Door At Risk For Complete Failure?

A lot of people take the overall function of the garage door for granted. They push the button, door goes up, push the button and the door goes down. It isn’t unusual for a customer to tell us that they thought the opener was the most important thing in the function of a garage door. I even thought that!

In reality the automatic opener is just supposed to guide a well maintained, properly functioning garage door.

If a garage door is not serviced and a garage door opener is not working according to the manufacturer specifications then your door is at risk of complete failure!

Red Flags To Look For On Your Garage Door

Correct the following immediately if you find:

  1. Garage Door Opener is Reversing- This is by design for your safety. If your opener is reversing or it won’t go up then it is likely that it is sensing resistance. The door and opener may need to be serviced but don’t be surprised if some wearable parts need to be replaced.* If your opener is old and the sensitivity is maxed out, then you are at risk for complete failure. Your opener should be replaced if the door will not reverse when backing the sensitivity settings.
  2. If You Have a Noisy Garage Door – You may be at risk. If it’s grinding it is binding. You can trust this statement because it’s simple and it rhymes. The garage door should be serviced once a year. Don’t be surprised if on a noisy door the rollers, end bearing plates, possibly cables and drums may need to be replaced. These parts are considered as wearable and will need to be changed at some point to prevent the garage door from falling off the track.
  3. Cluttered Garages Fail More Than Organized Garages. – If you use your garage door track system to help you organize the garage. Stop! This puts you at risk. Horizontal track should remain clear with a minimum of two feet all the way around it. Never hang anything on the track.
  4. Handy Do It Yourself (DIY) Homeowners – Be careful. We can fix a door that has come off track fairly easily in conditions 1-2, however, we usually see doors in conditions 1,2, then the next most popular conditions are 5,6,7. This happens because of an inexperienced attempt to lower the door.
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