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Is Your Garage Door Making Noise? 
It Might Be Signaling Bigger Issues!

If your garage door is producing unsettling noises, it could be indicative of more significant underlying problems. Typically, noisy doors are a symptom of components not running smoothly, and one of the primary culprits is often the rollers.

Most standard garage doors come equipped with ten rollers, but here's the catch – builders often opt for the cheapest possible rollers to cut costs. Utility rollers, available in steel and vinyl, are commonly used, but they are not designed for long-term durability.

Steel rollers act as a warning system, emitting clicking, popping, wobbling, dragging, scraping, and grinding sounds when it's time for a replacement. These signs are not to be ignored, as bad rollers put your garage door at risk for cable loss, the first stage of an off-track situation.

Take a look at the pictures below to recognize signs of bad vinyl utility rollers, including drag damage that can lead to a compromised garage door position in the track. Immediate replacement is crucial to prevent the risk of the door coming off track.

Noisy Garage Doors are a Symptom of Potentially Much Bigger Problems

Noisy doors typically mean something is not running smoothly. Most standard garage doors have ten rollers on them. Builders put the most inexpensive rollers possible on a garage door in most cases in order to save money. Utility rollers are not designed to last a long time. Utility rollers come in steel and in vinyl. The steel rollers will alert you almost like an alarm when it is time to change out the rollers. Clicking, popping, wobbling, dragging, scraping, grinding, and drag damage are all signs of bad rollers. Grinding is binding, and bad rollers put your garage door at risk for cable loss. Cable loss is the first stage of a garage door off-track situation.
The pictures below show examples of bad vinyl utility rollers. The first has drag damage on it that is in the beginning stages. The second picture is a roller that has been dragging in the track so bad that it is actually jumping position in the track. These rollers should be changed out immediately. The garage door is at risk of coming off track
bad roller drag damagegarage door vinyl broken rollerdrag damage

Steel Rollers Send Off A Shrill Sound Of Steel on Steel as they Grind And Bind and Drag.

Rollers have to be maintained. Dragging, loud rollers are binding your garage door, and they put your garage door at risk of coming off track and losing cables off the drums.

Utility rollers go bad inside of two years, depending on the weight of the door. These rollers are actually good rollers that have not been serviced. Failure to service your rollers will cause a good steel roller to go bad. Once the rollers start to go bad, you can lube them; they will get quiet, but they will still be bad and should be changed out immediately in order to ensure that your door continues to work properly.

bad roller drag damagegarage door vinyl broken rollerdrag damage

Steel rollers, while durable, can also create a shrill sound when they grind, bind, and drag.

Regular maintenance is key to preventing loud, binding rollers that jeopardize your garage door's stability.

Utility rollers, regardless of material, typically go bad within two years, depending on the door's weight. Even seemingly good steel rollers can turn bad without proper servicing. If your rollers start showing signs of wear, lubrication may provide a temporary solution, but changing them out immediately is essential for the continued proper function of your garage door.

Don't wait for a small issue to turn into a major problem. Contact us today for roller inspection and replacement services, ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and quietly for years to come.

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Garage Door Roller Replacement Pricing

10 (set) Lifetime Warranty Polly Rollers Installed Includes a Door And Opener Service

$218.20 after discount
You will never have to lubricate it, and we guarantee it will never go bad. If one goes bad, we replace ALL the rollers you have installed with us. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Our Customers Instantly hear the difference with these rollers. Includes a $69.00 discount.

Lifetime Warranty Poly 13 bearing Garage Door Roller Replacement Pricing

As Low As $20.07 ea
Say goodbye to the hassle of lubricating your garage door rollers. Our advanced poly-coated rollers come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring you'll never have to worry about them going bad. And here's our commitment to you – if even one roller malfunctions, we'll replace ALL the rollers we've installed, no questions asked!

Long Stem Lifetime Warranty Poly 13 bearing Garage Door Roller Installed with Lifetime Warranty for Door Off Track Repair Installed Pricing

As Low As $24.00
Same as Above with regard to quality, but these rollers, when put in the corners, will reduce the risk of the door coming off track, and we warranty your garage door against that failure when these rollers are installed.

Vinyl Garage Door Roller Installed Pricing

$16.41 ea
Choose Quality - Say No to Vinyl Garage Door Rollers. Considering vinyl garage door rollers? Think again. We don't recommend them. These utility rollers are intended for short-term use, typically lasting only a couple of years. Opting for vinyl rollers might seem like a cost-effective choice initially, but they can lead to problems.

Specialty 3" Long Stem Lifetime warranty Garage Door Roller Installed Price

As Low As $44.00.ea
This is a specialty roller and is NOT common. Installation requires a lot of labor vs. the replacement of the rollers listed above. That is why it is so expensive. YIKES right. This is really the only roller we would recommend on giant, heavy doors that require a 3″ roller.
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Garage Door Roller FAQs

Common signs that your garage door rollers may need replacement include unusual noises during operation, such as grinding or squeaking sounds. If the door appears to be uneven or gets stuck while opening or closing, it could be a sign of worn-out rollers. Additionally, if you notice visible wear and tear, such as cracks or flat spots on the rollers, it's advisable to consider replacement to prevent further damage to the door mechanism.

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While some homeowners with advanced DIY skills may attempt to replace garage door rollers themselves, it's often recommended to hire a professional for this task. Garage doors are heavy and under tension, and incorrect installation can lead to safety hazards and further damage. Professionals have the necessary expertise and tools to ensure a smooth and safe roller replacement. If you are unsure about your ability to perform the replacement, it's best to consult with a professional technician.

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Some garage door rollers are considered utility rollers and should be changed out after only 2 years. Steel rollers will click, pop, scrape, grind, wobble and drag practically setting off an alarm. Vinyl rollers can be bad without making any noise at all. Vinyl rollers should always be changed after two years. One clear choice installs rollers that are bearing packed sealed poly urethane material. We provide lifetime warranties on our rollers. Additionally we install long stem safety rollers that prevent garage doors from coming off track.
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Garage door rollers come in various materials, including nylon, steel, and plastic. Nylon rollers are known for their quiet operation, while steel rollers are durable and suitable for heavy doors. The choice depends on factors such as the door's weight, your budget, and your preference for noise levels. It's recommended to consult with a garage door professional who can assess your specific door and provide guidance on the most suitable type of rollers for your needs.

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