Unfortunately, garage break ins have been on the rise in the Denver Metro Area. Channel 7 recently investigated this alarming trend in an attempt to spread awareness and educate homeowners about this invasive crime. Channel 7 interviewed Keenan Gingrich from One Clear Choice to learn about preventative action and steps you can take to reduce the potential of a garage break in at your garage.

Information about how to break into a garage is easy to find. The most common and easy way, as discussed in the Channel 7 video, involves using a wire hanger to release the emergency lock. However there are steps you can take to add an extra layer of security to your garage door.

You can take steps to add security to your garage door to protect your car, belongings, and family.

One Clear Choice has garage safety options and products that are durable and will outsmart even the most seasoned burglars. For example, the patent pending SecureShield Device will eliminate the easy overhead garage door break-ins by protecting the emergency release lever from outside access. At the end of the day, we will ensure that your property is secure and protected.

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