30 June, 2017

How to Improve Your Garage Door

Three Features to Consider for Your Garage Door

Apart from increasing your home’s curb appeal, a garage door can be enhanced by adding extra features such as windows whenever possible. Also, you can make it more energy-efficient by insulating it and make your home a safer place by taking advantage of extra safety features. Let’s take a deeper look at these garage door enhancements.


Windows set your door apart by adding architectural detailing and let in plenty of natural light, making your garage space feel less like a cave. Ask your garage door dealer if windows can be added to your new door.

A variety of shapes and styles are available. Some alternatives include basic rectangles, intricately detailed, curved, or starburst design windows. Just remember to select windows that complement the other design elements of your home.

Other things that create visual interest are:

  • vertical lines
  • decorative frames
  • horizontal relief patterns
  • barn door style cross beams


Garage door insulation is a great way to improve not only the door but your garage, especially if you have an attached garage – opt for dual-glazed window panels instead of single-glazed panels.

Insulation keeps the garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter and can help keep adjacent rooms comfortable as well. It also helps you keep a controlled temperature, making the space comfortable for working.

What is important to consider is the R-value, which is a measurement of thermal resistance expressed as a number.

A high R-value insulated garage door helps control temperature and minimizes sounds passing through the door.

Polyurethane and polystyrene are the two common materials available for insulation. We recommend polyurethane insulation that has a higher R-value and is thinner than polystyrene.

Safety Features

Several features can make your home safer.

If you have kids, pinch-resistant doors are for you. This feature prevents your fingers from getting smashed between the panels when the door closes.

Tamper-resistant bottom brackets are designed to ensure the tension remains steady by preventing the inadvertent loosening of the cables, reducing the risk of possible injury to your and your loved ones.

Finally, a subtle use of downlighting not only serves for security purposes but creates a sense of grandeur and style. Downlighting brightens up the appearance of your garage.

If you need to enhance or install a new garage door in Colorado, contact the specialist from One Clear Choice. We have been proudly delivering the best value and quality workmanship for all your garage door service needs in Colorado.

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