31 May, 2012

June is Garage Door Safety Awareness Month – Safety Check List

June is Garage Door Safety Awareness Month. This Safety Awareness program was created through a joint effort of the International Door Association (IDA), and Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), to help companies and individuals within the garage door industry promote safe use and operation of the products they sell, install, and service.

Below is a Garage Door Safety Check List for homeowners provided by the IDA and DASMA:

Garage door systems are made to operate safely and reliably. The garage door is the largest moving object in most homes. The door system must be properly adjusted and regularly maintained in order to function correctly.


Springs, cables and other hardware attached to the springs are under extreme tension and can result in serious injury or death. Do not try to adjust or repair spring assemblies. Only trained door systems technicians should adjust or repair them!


Visual Inspection

Look at the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other door hardware for signs of wear. If you suspect problems, have the system inspected by a trained door systems technician.

Avoid a Moving Door and Keep Hands and Fingers Clear

Do not stand, walk, or run under a moving door. Hands and fingers must be kept clear from section joints, hinges, track, springs, and other door parts.

Do Not Let Children Play With Transmitters or Remote Controls

Garage door operators are not toys. Keep transmitters and controls out of the reach of children. Push-button wall controls must be mounted high enough to be out of the reach of children.

Only Operate The Door If You Can See It

Keep the door in sight until it closes completely.

Test the Reversing Mechanism Monthly

If an object obstructs the door as it is closing, the door should reverse. If the door does not reverse, have the door system inspected, repaired, or replaced by a trained door systems technician.

Test the Door Balance Monthly

With the door in the closed position and the operator disconnected, lift the door. It should lift smoothly and with little resistance and should remain open. If the door does not lift smoothly or remain open, have the door inspected and adjusted by a trained door systems technician.

Test the Force Setting Monthly

Standing outside the path of the door, try to hold up the door to stop it from moving downward as it closes. If the door does not easily reverse, the force is excessive. Have the door inspected and adjusted by a trained door systems technician.

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