16 October, 2017

Where to Look for Heat Loss in Your Garage

The garage can be coldest place in the house and responsible for a large portion of the escaped air. Proper insulation and sealing is directly related to your electricity bill and ensuring everything is ready for winter could save you plenty of money this season.

Here are ways to reduce the heat loss from your garage:


Insulation is your first line on defense in preserving the heat in your home. Insulation traps the heat inside and greatly increases the efficiency of heating your house.

Some garage doors are not adequately insulated or have no insulation at all. There are a variety of ways to fix this problem and it is all dependent on the current state of your garage doors. Unless you have a lot of building experience, it is best to hire a contractor who can help guide you through the process. If your garage door is already insulated, or a project of this magnitude is not an option right now, there are still options to reduce the heat loss in your garage.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Insulated garage doors are a great way to ensure that your garage door is not the primary culprit to letting the heat escape. Standard garage doors are often not insulated and readily allow cold air to flow in and heat to seep out. For a low cost, especially given the energy savings, you can replace your garage doors with one that features internal insulation. These garage doors will act like an insulated wall and protect your home from heat loss. Additionally, many garage door manufacturers offer inserts that can be added to your current garage door that will insulate them.


Although the garage is not a heated space, weatherstripping the garage door and all windows are properly will keep the heated areas of your home warmer. Even if you have previously installed weather stripping, now that winter is coming, it is a great time to inspect and ensure the seals are sealed tight. Rock salt and garden chemicals from the previous year may have eroded the material, making the seals no longer airtight. If this is the case, replace the weatherstripping on your garage doors. Adding and maintaining proper weatherstripping can be the most affordable step towards a well insulated garage and it can reduce your energy bills.

Before winter arrives, it’s a good idea to check that your home – including the garage – is ready to face the elements.

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