Garage Door Main Components

At a glance, a garage door looks utterly simple. It looks like it just raises itself up and down on its own without a problem. However, there are many components that make it possible to lift and close your door successfully. Let’s review some of the most important garage door parts.


The springs are responsible for counterbalancing the door; they are under a high amount of tension to smoothly operate the gate. In case they break, you should have a professional conduct the replacement for everyone’s safety.

garage door hingesHinges

Hinges help the panels bend a little bit as it opens or closes. If the hinges are loose, the door may not open properly. You will want to make sure these important pieces are securely fastened to the garage door.


The track is like a highway to your door. The gate is hooked onto it so that it goes straight up and down. If the track becomes bent or damaged, the gate may get stuck when you are trying to open or close it.


The sensors’ job is to determine if there is anything beneath the garage door when it is closing. They are basically used for safety purposes. If they are obstructed or out of balance, they may stop the door from closing.

There are a lot of parts to your garage door that make it possible to open and close, and there are several ways to achieve that:

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