23 October, 2017

Winterize the Garage Floor with an Epoxy Floor Coating

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Now that winter is upon us, the time has come to make sure your garage is up for another cold and snowy season. We discussed the benefits of additional insulation and ensuring that your garage has been properly weatherstripped, but there is one more essential step in getting your garage ready for winter.

Rock salt used for melting ice is extremely harmful to unprotected concrete and the deposits will slowly degrade your garage floor until it is reduced to rubble. Additionally, once the cold weather arrives and the home and car improvement projects move back to the garage, it is important to have a safe and clean area to work. Adding an Epoxy Floor Coating to your garage floor is a great way to protect your garage from damage and transform the garage into a functional workspace.

What are Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy Floor Coating systems consist of special chemicals that adhere to concrete and create a durable, protective surface. This layer both protects the concrete beneath and it makes your floor brighter and smoother, while providing better traction. Epoxy Floor Coating systems are especially popular in commercial settings such as warehouses, professional garages and medical laboratories. The durability of epoxy protects concrete from chipping due to heavy machinery and tools while its surface causes liquids to bead, resisting stains and messes. It is also chemically resistant which is important for automobile maintenance and for managing fertilizers. At One Clear Choice garage doors, we want to help our customers have the garage of their dreams and we only recommend services that meet our high standard of professionalism and experience. For that reason, we recommend clients to contact our friends at Zenith Painting and Coatings.

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Zenith has specialized in flooring garages for years and has the same commitment to quality and service that we do here at One Clear Choice. On Zenith’s website, you can review the entire process of adding an Epoxy Floor Coating finish with their easy step-by-step guide. Their process is incredibly thorough and they take the time to repair any damage to the original concrete they are coating. Only after the base is fully restored, will they begin to work on your coating. This guarantees that every job will last for years, even in high traffic areas. Additionally, they offer an incredible level of customization and they will work to ensure your garage floor is exactly how you want it. Zenith offers a variety of colors and styles, making sure to have exactly what you need to compliment your specific garage. So whether you need to have a great winter workshop, a safer and less slick garage, or just need to give your garage a facelift, now is the time to consider epoxy floor coating solutions.

We trust Zenith Painting and Coatings with our referrals because we are confident in their ability to provide the same level of service and quality that our customer are accustomed to. Their results speak for themselves and we encourage you to check out some of the great work they have done by checking out the before and after gallery of their website. Zenith believes that the job is not done until it’s perfect, and we believe their commitment makes them the One Clear Choice when it comes to garage coatings.

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