26 June, 2017

Troubleshooting a Garage Door with a Mind of Its Own

Why is Your Garage Door Opening Itself?

A garage door opener with a mind of its own is a real risk to your home. An open door is dangerous and represents an invitation to uninvited guests. Why does this happen? Here are some common things that cause your garage door opener to operate itself, and how to fix it.

Activated by Accident

If you have an older unit, it may occur that the codes get mixed up. Unplug the remote control portion of it so the wall mount switch still works and get a new unit.

Broken Springs

If you garage door won’t open at all or gets stuck, the springs might be broken. Call a garage door professional to replace the springs.

Dead Batteries

Go to the garage door and try to open it with the transmitter. If it still works, a simple battery replacement should solve the issue.

Electrical Short

Try everything until you eliminate the problem. Check the motor head wires to see if anything is loose, then disconnect and try again.

Sticky Buttons

Take a look at your remote button and wall mounted button to see if they might be sticking or old.

The Sensors Are Off

Make sure the laser beams are in perfect alignment. They should perfectly face each other for them to operate properly.

Thunderstorm or Electrical Surge

These are two common causes of garage door opener problems. They can cause damage to the transmitter ‘s electrical workings and cause the opener to operate at random, in which case you will need to have it serviced or replaced.

If none of the above tips help you to stop your garage door from opening on its own, do not hesitate to call One Clear Choice at 303-622-3830. We offer local 24/7 emergency residential garage door repair services in Colorado. Our locally dispatched garage door technicians provide prompt, efficient, and professional repairs.

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