One Clear Choice offers 24/7 Emergency Residential Garage Door Repairs in
Greater Denver area, Northern Colorado and Colorado Springs. 


Emergency Repairs

There can be many reasons for an emergency garage door repair. When you are heading out due to an emergency but your door doesn’t open or close you may need immediate assistance.

We offer garage door emergency services 24/7. Our staff is always on call to assist you.

For Immediate Assistance Call

Top Emergency Garage Door Repairs

Here are some of the top emergency door repair situations our technicians see:

Broken Springs
Door off Track

Non-emergency things you can to look for:
Dead Batteries
Safety Eye Sensors out of alignment or dirty – door won’t close properly, overhead light flashing?
Emergency Release disengaged – door won’t open

Our technicians are able to troubleshoot your door problems, provide a solution and fix the problem, right on the spot*.

*Our technicians carry a large inventory of parts in the trucks. However, parts for a few custom/special order doors may be non-standard and would need to be ordered.

Emergency Service Fee is $75. This is in addition to any cost of repairs/parts that may be required.