If you are thinking about replacing your garage door, there are quite a few factors to consider before choosing the right door. You have to think about what kind of design you desire and what qualities you are searching for. There are new trendy designs available that will boost your home’s curb appeal and give a face lift to your entire home. On the other hand, there are also new alternatives that should be considered before making a final decision, whether or not you choose a garage door with windows.

Garage door windows present a couple of concerns regarding the security of your home, it’s durability, and its ability to be energy efficient.

Factors To Consider

Garage Theft

Security Threat

Having uncovered windows in your garage door can leave your garage and home more susceptible to invaders. The windows will help potential thieves figure out what they can take from within the garage and it will give them easier access when trying to break in. If you do decide to go with a garage door with windows, it is recommended to purchase frosted windows so people are not able to see in as easily.


Although windows won’t weaken the overall strength of your garage door, they do introduce a fragile element to the door itself. This leaves the windows vulnerable to thrown baseballs, falling hail, or even rocks launched from your lawnmower. Replacing windows is not a difficult process and most can be replaced for a relatively cheap price, but it is definitely a factor to consider.

Energy Efficiency

Having windows in your garage can be great for introducing natural light into a dark area but they will also cause drastic temperature changes and it can increase your energy usage. Having your garage more directly exposed to the outside elements can cause temperature variations in your home as well. Any room that shares a wall with the garage will be harder to keep cool in the summer and even more difficult to keep warm in the winter. This can ultimately cause your energy bill to increase substantially.

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