19 June, 2017

What to Do If Your Garage Door Falls Too Quickly

A Common Garage Door Problem

To understand garage door problems, you have to look it as a whole. This means that your garage door is composed of the different parts that work all together to open and close the door efficiently. If any of the parts fail to perform their task, the garage door will let you know. When your garage door falls too quickly, it is a symptom that something is loose of broken. Typically, this happens because of springs that have become too loose or cables that are broken. Also, it could be due to springs and cables that have been poorly installed or a damaged garage door track. Let’s take a deeper look into each cause.

Broken or Loose Cables

The cables are responsible for balancing the weight of the door when opening and closing. When the door is falling too fast, the cables are controlling the movement of the door and the tension of the springs correctly. This means that the cables should be repaired or replaced.

Note that we strongly recommend not trying to do this on your own.

Loose Springs

Just like any other components of your garage door, springs can get worn out or break over time. As a result, they are controls the door’s rate of movement as it opens and closes. Consequently, the door may fall too fast as it closes. If this is the case with your garage doorcontact a repair technician who will tighten the springs that will slow down the speed of the door. In some instances, the springs may need to be replaced.

Bent or Misaligned Tracks

The track can get damaged due to the malfunctioning of another part of the garage door mechanism. Bent or misaligned tracks will affect all the other parts of the mechanism, resulting in defective operations.

Broken Rollers

The garage door has rollers on each side of it. These rollers slide the door along the tracks. This essential parts may break after years of use. Although they can be replaced, the entire door needs to be removed from the tracks. If this is your case, it is highly advisable to have both wheels replaced simultaneously.

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